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"Situated in the awe-inspiring plains of East Africa, Uganda is a stunning equatorial country renowned for its extraordinary biodiversity, vibrant culture, and flourishing economy.

Throughout our rich history, agriculture has always been a cherished asset for our people. Prior to colonization in the 1800s, the land was inhabited by two distinct cultures: cattle farmers and cultivators. The act of cattle keeping has long symbolized our ability to thrive and prosper.

My grandfather, an entrepreneur in the early years of independence, defied conventional wisdom in the 1960s and embarked on a visionary journey to establish a thriving dairy farm in Kabale. Paying homage to his late wife, he named it Beatrice Dairy Farm (BDF), a sprawling 150-acre haven nestled in the picturesque valleys of the Kabale Highlands.

BDF has gained a reputation as one of the most progressive farms in the region, and in this era of technological advancements in agriculture (AgTech), our unwavering dedication to innovation will elevate this farm to become the epitome of a premium, data-driven, and exemplary commercial dairy farm in East Africa."

- Alvin Mbabazi Bugeiga (AMB); Founder - Dbuntu LABS


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